Our Lodge

Our Lodge


Nestled in the heart of the cloud forest, our eco-lodge is just 6 hours by road from Cusco. Our unique location,between the Kcosñipata and San Pedro Rivers, boasts amagnificent view and affords us the opportunity to offer guests a large variety of special programs in and around this beautiful zone.

The perpetual humidity of this ecosystem nurtures an amazing diversity of wildlife. Peru’s national bird, the cock-of-the-rock, leads a large cast that includes monkeys, numerous varieties of butterfly, giant ferns, and many types of bromeliads and orchids. And of course countless bird species.

From the eco-lodge’s comfort, you can conveniently participate in activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, and visiting the native community Huacaria.

Guests at Manu Paradise Eco-Lodge enjoy comfortable rooms with panoramic windows and features not found at many cloud forest lodges. In addition to the well equipped rooms, we offer exterior porches with telescopes for observing wildlife. And all of this tucked across from the Kosñipata River.

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Last update: Sep, 30 2019

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