Vision, Mission And Corporate Values

Vision, Mission And Corporate Values

Manu Paradise Lodge is a company that cares about caring for the environment by the inclusion of biodegradable products in the greater part of its operation. Manu Paradise Lodge has the vision of becoming an Eco-Lodge that is 100% biologically friendly.

We are aware of the impacts of tourism and sensitive areas we visit. For this reason we develop our activities to minimize our impacts, exerting an optimal use of resources, water, energy and supplies that demand the tourist activity, and promoting environmental awareness in the visitors for the cure and the protection of forests.

Equity and equality of opportunity stand at the basis of our work; therefore we are committed to generate foreign currency both for the company and for the local community by incorporating it as much as possible as part of our operations while respecting their own decisions and taking care of altering their own culture.

Respects for the natural and cultural heritage are also part of our work ideas.

The safety and personal services are very important; all the details are carefully prepared. We plan for emergencies and contingencies and ensure maximum enjoyment during the visiting.

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Last update: Jul, 06 2015

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