Responsible Ecotourism And Conservation Company

Responsible Ecotourism And Conservation Company

We believe that in protecting the pristine wilderness areas of Manu Park and including the local communities in this process, we will make a difference in our continent and ultimately in the world. Our greatest delight is to share these wild places with our guests in a responsible manner.

Manu Paradise Eco-Lodge is an ecotourism and conservation company dedicated to responsible tourism throughout the areas in which it operates in the South of Peru.

Our goal is to share these experiences and wild areas with guests from all over the world, while at the same time helping to ensure the future protection of unique Manu wildlife and eco-systems heritage. Established in 2003, Manu Paradise Eco-Lodge operates lodges and trips in Manu National Park and Tambopata National Reserve and is run by professionals and enthusiasts who came together to build a successful ecotourism business, delivering a unique experience for our guests.

Our wildlife ecosystems and heritage trips in remote and pristine wilderness destinations are specialized, educational, explorative and fun. Lodges, Camps and services are safe, hygienic, authentic and insightful of guest needs. Our “sustainable conservation through responsible tourism” policy shares the benefits of tourism with local communities and ensures the protection of these areas for the future generations.

A variety of trips, lodge accommodation and activities means that there’s something for everyone who wants to come to the Amazon Rain Forest. Manu Paradise Eco-Lodge employs a local staff in all the operations. Our head quarter of operation is in Cusco, your first contact place in the great nature adventure.

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Last update: Jul, 06 2015

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